"I started coming to see Dr. David over a year ago.  He came highly recommended by two different friends.  A year later my entire family of four visits Dr. David.  From persistent migraines, seasonal allergies, chronic ear infections, controlling asthma to hormonal imbalances we have had success every time. This has meant no western medicines to band aid our families illnesses and an overall healthy lifestyle.  My boys were three years old and five years old when we started.  Tinctures and teas are part of our daily routine.  No more breathing treatments, allergy medications, or antibiotics.  Thank you Dr. David!"

"When I started to see Dr. Konikowski I was trying to determine why I was losing weight.  In conjunction with western medicine, and David, we were able to determine the source.  I come to David when I have a health issue that I don't wish to take pills for."

"I started to come to David a couple of years ago.  At that time I had such severe allergies I literally could not breathe through my nose!  In approximately ten visits he had my nose unplugged and I have been able to be normal ever since."

"I had a TIA (small stroke) that affected my left eye.  I had double vision and my eyelid would not stay open.  In five to six visits David had me on track and I now have single vision and my eyelid problem has resolved.  I highly recommend acupuncture and Chinese herbs!  I am an extremely grateful person to have met and experienced the wonderful curative measures that David has learned . Words cannot express in any language how much it means to me "

"My daughter, who had terrible anxiety attacks, insisted I see Dr. David.  He had abated her attacks and improved her general well being.  So, I made my four appointments and was hesitant.  Well after two appointments I could not believe the difference.  No aches, no incredible exhaustion, little irritability, less anxiety and in all, I feel great and twenty years younger!  I will be here as much as possible, because feeling this well is joyful!!!"

"After my husband was in a severe car accident, and my mother suffered a minor stroke, I began having anxiety induced breathing difficulties.  In just one hour of treatment, I began to feel better.  Now after one day I am feeling like myself again!"

"Thank you so much for freeing of the symptoms of allergies and my severe migraine headaches.  I am sure I would have gone "mad" by now if I hadn't found you.  I appreciate not only your excellent care but the kind welcome you gave me each time I came."

"Literally, I would not be where I am today without David Konikowski's treatments.  He has helped me in so many ways that it would be impossible to name them all."

"For years I have been trying to get relief from Fibromyalgia symptoms using both traditional and alternative methods.  Results have been sporadic until I began treatments with David Konikowski.  I am truly amazed at how much better I feel under his care."

"I have suffered from seasonal allergies for over thirty years.  Treatments have included prescription nasal sprays, shots, steroids, and various allergy pills.  Nothing really worked, and they all had side effects.  Upon encouragement from my wife, I agreed to see Dr. David Konikowski to explore Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Miraculously, after my second treatment I have had absolutely no more allergy symptoms.  No more congestion, runny nose, itchy watery eyes, or fatigue.  I highly encourage any allergy sufferer to try something different, "walk down a new path".  
It worked for me." 

Wellspring acupuncture and oriental medicine, PLLC